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Other / Otra, 1980 - 2000

Scope and Contents

This series is made of the various audio and visual materials that are part of the collection.


Esta serie está formada por los diversos materiales sonombóte que forman parte de la colección.

Dates: 1980 - 2000

Books / Libros, 1940 - 2015

Scope and Contents These books were part of the library of Father Raul Comesanas. Some include notes suggesting that they were used for some type of research or scholarly work. See "Personal Materials" for the known publications by Father Comesanas for more insight.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Estos libros formaban parte de la biblioteca del Padre Raúl Comesanas. Algunos incluyen notas que sugieren que fueron utilizados para algún...
Dates: 1940 - 2015

Newspapers / Periódicos, 1966 - 2014

Scope and Contents This series includes newspapers from the North New Jersey Region that would have been read in the area that Father Comesañas lived. Included are newspapers that Father Comesañas himself published or edited, including La Nacion Americana, El Clarin, and Vanguardia Catolica. Other local English and Spanish language papers are a part of this series. This series also includes clippings from newspapers that Father Comesañas would have used for research or was mentioned in. ...
Dates: 1966 - 2014

Union of Cuban Exiles / Unión de Cubanos en el Exilio (U.C.E.), 1962 - 2016

Scope and Contents This series includes material relating to Father Comesañas’s time as director of the Union of Cuban Exiles and other activities related to his time working for the immigrant population in the United States. Included in this series are notes about the foundation of U.C.E., U.C.E. publications, and information about different immigration cases and letters. This series also includes information unrelated to U.C.E. but that pertain to immigration issues in general....
Dates: 1962 - 2016